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Archive Reports

The Archive Reports contains zipped files of all instances of the reports listed below, as automatically generated by the GBB database at the end of each calendar month (at 00:00 on the 1st of the next month), i.e. original report data. A new report file is created each time data is submitted by a Participant. Note that therefore these original monthly files may contain data that has since been superseded after the first original report file was created. To retrieve the most up-to-date data, please use the "Export to CSV" function within each of the report pages.

The naming convention of the monthly zip file is "". This contains all files that were created in the month irrespective of the date that the data refers to.

Note that from March 2015 the complete Actual Flow for the month can be found in the zip file for the following month, called “Actual Flow Previous Month (INT 925)”. Previous to March 2015, this file can be found in both the month to which it relates and the month in which it was created. All files from March 2015 onwards, will can now only be found in the month they were created to ensure consistency within the archives.

The monthly archives contain the following report files:
  • BB Facility (INT 901)
  • BB Zones (INT 902)
  • Detailed Facility Information (INT 903)
  • Gate Station Standing Capacities (INT 910)
  • Standing Capacity (INT 911)
  • Secondary Bid and Offer Summary (INT 913)
  • Secondary Trade Summary (INT 914)
  • Linepack Capacity Adequacy (INT 921)
  • Capacity Outlook (INT 922)
  • Forecast Pipeline Flow (INT 923)
  • Actual Flow 7-day (INT 924)
  • Actual Flow Previous Month (INT 925)
  • Forecast Storage Flow (INT 927)
  • Medium Term Capacity Outlook (INT 928)
  • Uncontracted Capacity Outlook (INT 929)
  • Actual Held in Storage (INT 930)
  • Registered BB Contacts(INT 931)
  • Registered BB Participants (INT 933)

The archive will contain monthly zip files for the last two years’ worth of data/report. For archives prior to July 2014, please contact the AEMO Support Hub to lodge a GBB Archived Reports request. Similarly, if you frequently access the GBB archives, please contact the AEMO Support Hub regarding the GBB Data Interchange service. Your query will be forwarded to the Bulletin Board Operator who will assist you through the process.

This page also includes outdated Medium Term Capacity Outlook (MTCO) notices. These are periodically removed from the Medium Term Capacity page and uploaded in zipped files here. The naming convention for MTCO archives is, where YYYYMM refers to the month and year in which the file became outdated (eg if a notice referred to the time period from 3 March 2015 to 15 April 2015 this file would be found in the zip file MTCO_201504).

Note that the January, February, and March 2015 files will also contain some notices that refer to notices of maintenance in which neither the daily capacity quantity nor supply was anticipated to be affected. These are included in the zip file for the month in which they were uploaded.

Note that from 6 October 2016, MTCOs will be included in the monthly zip files.

Report Title Size Format Actions Last Updated
AEMO_GASBB_201407 3375 kb zip 9/12/2014
AEMO_GASBB_201408 3415 kb zip 9/12/2014
AEMO_GASBB_201409 3309 kb zip 9/12/2014
AEMO_GASBB_201410 3495 kb zip 9/12/2014
AEMO_GASBB_201411 3421 kb zip 20/01/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201412 3699 kb zip 20/01/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201501 3668 kb zip 11/02/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201502 3593 kb zip 10/03/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201503 3920 kb zip 10/04/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201504 3739 kb zip 8/05/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201505 3901 kb zip 2/06/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201506 3824 kb zip 8/07/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201507 4692 kb zip 18/08/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201508 5248 kb zip 3/09/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201509 5264 kb zip 5/10/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201510 5600 kb zip 24/11/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201511 5890 kb zip 7/12/2015
AEMO_GASBB_201512 6209 kb zip 5/01/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201601 6237 kb zip 5/02/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201602 5849 kb zip 4/03/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201603 6355 kb zip 4/04/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201604 6058 kb zip 10/05/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201605 6286 kb zip 8/06/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201606 6927 kb zip 11/08/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201607 7261 kb zip 11/08/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201608 7303 kb zip 12/09/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201609 7021 kb zip 3/10/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201610 9745 kb zip 14/12/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201611 10017 kb zip 14/12/2016
AEMO_GASBB_201612 9996 kb zip 9/01/2017
AEMO_GASBB_201701 9832 kb zip 7/02/2017
AEMO_GASBB_201702 8908 kb zip 3/03/2017
AEMO_GASBB_201703 9888 kb zip 5/05/2017
AEMO_GASBB_201704 9276 kb zip 5/05/2017
LNG Maintenance_201610 511 kb zip 28/02/2017
LNG Maintenance_201611 203 kb zip 28/02/2017
LNG Maintenance_201702 135 kb zip 28/02/2017
MTCO_201501 5687 kb zip 26/03/2015
MTCO_201502 3486 kb zip 26/03/2015
MTCO_201503 4748 kb zip 22/04/2015
MTCO_201504 6046 kb zip 11/05/2015
MTCO_201505 7525 kb zip 16/06/2015
MTCO_201506 7148 kb zip 21/07/2015
MTCO_201507 3408 kb zip 20/08/2015
MTCO_201508 648 kb zip 14/09/2015
MTCO_201509 3399 kb zip 9/10/2015
MTCO_201510 3113 kb zip 13/11/2015
MTCO_201511 2767 kb zip 11/12/2015
MTCO_201512 876 kb zip 8/01/2016
MTCO_201601 1270 kb zip 19/02/2016
MTCO_201602 2949 kb zip 4/03/2016
MTCO_201603 2345 kb zip 8/04/2016
MTCO_201604 3479 kb zip 11/05/2016
MTCO_201605 2485 kb zip 23/06/2016
MTCO_201606 5969 kb zip 12/07/2016
MTCO_201607 4792 kb zip 11/08/2016
MTCO_201608 4398 kb zip 2/09/2016
MTCO_201609 6208 kb zip 3/10/2016
MTCO_201610 2311 kb zip 28/02/2017
MTCO_201611 1927 kb zip 28/02/2017
MTCO_201612 768 kb zip 28/02/2017
MTCO_201702 806 kb zip 28/02/2017
MTCO_201705 603 kb zip 14/07/2017
MTCO_201706 171 kb zip 28/07/2017