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Standing Capacities (INT 911)

This report displays the standing nameplate capacities of all Gas Bulletin Board facilities. Searching by effective date returns Standing Capacities that were effective on the date selected.
Note the following Plant Types: PROD = Production facility, PIPE = Pipeline, STOR = Storage facility.
Note the following Capacity Types: MDQ = Daily maximum firm capacity, RMDQ = Reverse direction daily maximum capacity (Pipelines only), WMDQ = Withdrawal daily maximum capacity (Storage facilities only), HCAP = Holding Capacity (Storage facilities only).
For more information regarding Plant and Capacity Types, see Section 3.4 Data Dictionary of the Guide to Gas Bulletin Board CSV File Transactions v2.0 .
For more information on Standing Nameplate Capacities, see Section 5.4 Nameplate Rating of BB Facilities of the Natural Gas Services Bulletin Board Procedures v7.0.

Effective date

Selected Plant Types

Selected Capacity Types